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The Indian schoolgirl, Ria, was known for her rebellious nature and her refusal to do homework. Her strict Bengali teacher, Mr. Roy, had warned her multiple times about the consequences of not completing her assignments. But Ria paid no heed and continued to defy him. One day, Mr. Roy had had enough and decided to teach her a lesson. He called her to his office and scolded her for her irresponsible behavior. Ria tried to argue back, but Mr. Roy was not one to be challenged. He pulled out a big black cock from his drawer and ordered her to suck it. Ria was shocked and scared, but she couldn't resist the power of her teacher. She reluctantly obeyed and soon found herself enjoying the forbidden pleasure. Mr. Roy then bent her over his desk and punished her with the full force of his cock. Ria moaned and writhed in pleasure, forgetting all about her homework. This was a lesson she would never forget. As she left Mr. Roy's office, she couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and excitement. She had just experienced her first taste of full porn, and she couldn't wait for more. From that day on, Ria became the model student, always completing her homework on time and eagerly awaiting her next encounter with her teacher. She had become addicted to the thrill of being punished and dominated by Mr. Roy, and she knew she would do anything to please him. As for Mr. Roy, he had found a new way to discipline his students, and he couldn't be happier with the results. Ria's transformation from a rebellious schoolgirl to a submissive student was a testament to the power of punishment and pleasure. And as for the anty xnxx, well, that was just an added bonus for Mr. Roy.
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